3 performance lessons from PV Sindhu’s final match

I will not be surprised if the sports shops see a surge in sale of Badmintonpv-sindhu-medal-2016 rackets and shuttles. I will not be surprised if the demand for badminton coaches surge dramatically. Most youngsters and equally their parents would start seeing a career and opportunity in sports in India.

That’s the power of your influence and inspiration PV Sindhu.

It was a treat to watch the Women’s single badminton final match in Rio Olympics. PV Sindhu and Carolina Marin were at their best. One of the best matches we have seen in the recent past.

PV Sindhu becomes the first women to win the Silver for India. And she is just 21 years of age. She has many years and lot of badminton left to further deepen her mark on the game and on the generation.

Question is what helped her reach at this level and play one of the finest games? The other one is can us, in our respective work areas benefit from the traits she has displayed?

stress diagramConsistency of training the body and mind:

The game has to be played well. Very well. This requires commitment and discipline to practice.

While profiling Sindhu’s career, a correspondent with The Hindu wrote:

“The fact that she reports on time at the coaching camps daily, travelling a distance of 56 km from her residence, is perhaps a reflection of her willingness to complete her desire to be a good badminton player with the required hard work and commitment.”

Her coach Pullela Gopichand says “the most striking feature in Sindhu’s game is her attitude and the never-say-die spirit”.

While running your business or while handling different challenging assignments at work, it’s good to check ourselves through these filters.

Importance of having a role model and a coach:

Businessman pressing touch screen interface training checkbox

One of the newspaper headline says ‘PV Sindhu will finally be allowed Phone, Ice-Cream by Pullela Gopichand’. Just imagine the kind of influence a coach has on the life of a sports person. An attitude of subordination is equally important if we want to excel in our professional and personal life. So whether you work for an Organisation or have your business, check if you have a role model and a coach. Importantly check if you are willing to give controls to him or her so that the process helps you in enhancing your personal effectiveness and scale up to the next level of performance. 

Calming down :

Aggression and calming down has to go hand in hand. This may appear to be paradoxical. But just think if you are able to practice and master this skill? Do you think it will benefit you In your personal and professional life? In the Rio Olympic semi- finals for example, in the second set against Okuhara of Japan, neither Sindhu not Okuhara wanted to give up. There were situations where the scores were 7-7 than 8-8 and soon 10-10. This was the moment when Sindhu needed to calm down, minimize her errors and wait for the opponent to show signs of mental and physical exhaustion. PV Sindhu did follow this strategy. The result. She defeated Okuhara to reach the finals.

So here are the three things that can help us greatly in our personal and professional life :

  1. Consistency, attitude and never-say-die spirit
  2. Having a role model and a coach. Role model will give the benchmark and coach will help us unleash our true potential.
  3. Developing the skill and the ability to speed up and slow down at the same time.
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