As we enter 2016….

With this blog I complete a quarter of a century. This is my 25th blog on And if there is one person to thank for the journey so far, it is YOU the dear reader. Your likes, comments, feedback, constructive criticism has helped me immensely in this journey. So thank you once again.

Here is quick account of what and how these blogs came into being.

Course providers 1On, it started with the first post on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). I did a couple of courses on MOOCs and that gave an idea of writing this blog. I thought this may help know about it or if you already know than some statistics may help you further. This blog gives you all that.

Singapore lost its founding father in  March 2015. So I wrote a blog about his leadership style and there is somethings to learn for us.

Around the same time I saw two things with people.  Issue with presentation skills and the fact that knowledgeable Dunning-Kruger effectpeople kept mum in meetings and vice versa. So I wrote 2 blogs on these subjects. Check the April month and you will find these topics there.

Training effectiveness and productivity enhancement through training are the questions that people ask me quite often. So I made a small attempt writing multiple blogs around this subject. If you go in the category section and look out for training / learning related blogs, you will find some interesting stuff there.

Is Heuristics misleading your judgements, Why do we choose chocolate over fruits when under stress are a couple of blogs you may find interesting since they beautifully integrate psychology and economics.

Can we make changes and sustain them as well is the topic that might interest you if you wish to know the mechanics behind why and how change happens in individuals. You will find it in May month blogs.Motivational message.

If you are keen to know what design thinking is and whether it is for you, please explore June blogs. Hopefully you will get some answers.

Pro Kabaddi gave me some great insights on reviving a game and leadership. So I wrote couple of blogs on Leadership lessons from Pro Kabaddi. You will find them in July blogs.

In country like India, where the average age of the country is 28 years, how do we move? Fast or Slow? You may get some answers in the blog ‘Fast or Slow – Which way to go’. Please check September blogs for more details.

Team management for first level supervisors is something that you will find in October. Whether you are an individual contributor, first time manager or otherwise, I think you will surely find some things of value.

I wrote about intrapreneurship in November. You may also want to check whether the Cinderella moment for you have come in the blog on ‘Have you had your Cinderella moment yet’?

2015 has offered a great opportunity to expand my horizons on variety of subjects and contribute through blogs in whatever way I can. And as I said the force that helped me  is your encouragement.

I enter 2016 with new hopes, new aspirations and new resolutions. I am sure your encouragement, feedback and care will continue the way it has always been….

Wishing you, your near and dear ones a rocking 2016….

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