Maximise your personal and professional potential with a Coach

Why should you bother having a coach in your life? Does it really help? Should you be a senior levels to have a coach?

Having a coach in your life helps you to transform your personal or professional life through a deeper level of self-awareness and clarity. A coach is someone who will be there for you, motivate you, and guide you to uncover the potential that you have within yourself. It is not necessary to be in a senior role to work with a coach; anyone can benefit from working with a coach in order to reach their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

‘I wish i had signed up a coach 5 years back in my life’ is a regret i commonly hear from the senior leaders who i coach. 

So is this the right time for you to have a coach? Let’s look at how ICF (International Coaching Federation), the most respected credentialing body across the globe defines coaching. ‘Partnering with a client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential’.

So getting ‘inspired’ to ‘maximise our personal and professional potential’ is the core of coaching. It is all about unlocking the true potential lying within us. A coach could help us to discover the things about ourselves that often don’t come up in everyday conversations.

Having a coach will help to open up avenues which are a mix of different techniques, processes and approaches. Together both the coach and the coachee can explore multiple perspectives and ultimately arrive at the best outcomes. 

A coach will support you to build resilience, stay focused, and make sure that staying on track becomes easier. Coaching empowers individuals to take ownership of their own development and growth, and to pursue their ambitions.

It can allow us to step back and observe our own thoughts and recognise our patterns of behaviour, so that we are more aware. 

Given these benefits it is imperative that we seek a coach in our life and unlock the true potential we desire and deserve. 

How do you know who is a good coach for you? I have seen people often using two yardsticks. One, is the person certified as a Coach? Two, some common reference checks to to ensure our comfort with the person. 

Whatever is your method of identifying, my invitation to you is that please find one and embark on the journey that challenges your limiting beliefs and breaks you free for more purposeful pursuits. 

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